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Your Iconic Land Rover Defender 100% electric REinvented for the 21st century. 

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The BYMOSS Rétrofit concept

Driven by a passion for iconic cars and noble materials, BYMOSS reinvents your Land Rover Defender and Séries according to our times and our environment. Thus BYMOSS is the authenticity of the past associated with the future's best to enjoy it in the present.

RE engineered

The act of redesigning, rebuilding a machine. 

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Definition: The act of redesigning, reconstructing a machine or a structure.

In a few years, combustion cars over twenty years old will no longer be able to circulate(ZFE)*. Also, BYMOSS offers you to rethink your legendary Land Rover in a unique and personalized way.

The process of electrical conversion, the RETROFIT*is underway.


After removing the original mechanics, our engine manufacturers will convert your engine. Thus, it will be converted to the BYMOSS electric motor system while retaining its qualities, which have made it an iconic vehicle.

Approved by UTAC, the BYMOSS system is exclusively dedicated to Land Rover Series 2, 3, and Defender 90,110.


Finally, because each trip is unique, we will also be able to review the upholstery and rethink the paintwork and accessories of your Land Rover. More than a hundred checkpoints will provide you with personalized follow-up throughout the conversion process to REtrofit *.

* REtrofit is the conversion from gasoline or diesel engines into electric vehicles.

* UTAC: Technical union of the automobile, the motorcycle and the cycle * ZFE: Zone with low CO2 emissions

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Your Land Rover Defender, in tune with our planet.

Zero CO2 emissions thanks to its electric motor, your Land Rover Defender BYMOSS is built to explore new territories.

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RE born

Being brought back to life.

Definition: The act of being reborn, of being active again.

Your Land Rover has just been reborn, ready for new adventures, approved, and in your image.


Its playground, our planet with its new rules.


It's up to you to make your dreams come true

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The authenticity of the past

associated with the best of the future.

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Info & contact

The first electric Land Rover Series models are expected to be released in early 2022.

For more information on our models, please contact BYMOSS ELECTRIC VEHICLES at